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PINNED Scheduled scan progress indicator
Would it be possible to have a progress bar or a file counter to show the progress of the scan?

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Documentation Repository / Wiki / FAQ

Having a formal documentation repository for functionality within the system would be fantastic. Being able to have staff and customers self train/learn/lookup FAQ's in the system saves time for us as an MSP to perform formal trainings on every on...
Rick Mutzel 3 months ago in  0

Add Software to policy triggers

Add functionality to enable triggers in the policy engine for software. Primary request would be to notify on new unapproved software detected. Additionally, I could see the potential for alerts on specific software found.
Rick Mutzel 3 months ago in  0

Add filter for severity in endpoint vulnerability dashboard

Add search option under vulnerability parameters to search/filter on Severity on endpoint vulnerability grid
Rick Mutzel 5 months ago in  0

User group auditing

Ability to capture and report on AD user security group / OU memberships
Rick Mutzel 6 months ago in  0 Planned

Filters for agent type

Add filter options for scan jobs based on agent type (server, desktop, laptop, etc). This would give the ability to auto set scan jobs based on agent types and automate the deployments.
Guest about 1 year ago in  0 Planned

Adding a dashboard to the agent tab with metrics and posture of the asset in the environment.

Adding in some dashboards and some additional metrics around the assets in each of the tenants will provide a quick understanding of the current customers asset management from a health perspective. ​ End of Life and End of service software detect...
Guest 4 months ago in  0

Add Connector for Drop Box

Review potential for adding cloud connector for Drop Box as a source for PII scans
Rick Mutzel 5 months ago in  0

Ability to decommission / Remove Organization

Add ability to remove organization after offboarding. Would be great if the agents could uninstall if the organization was removed
Rick Mutzel 6 months ago in  0 Planned

Report from address/name configurable

All reports are delivered from Cavelo Support <>. Having an option to define these would be helpful.
Rick Mutzel 6 months ago in  0

Organization Display Name Field

As an MSP with 200+ orgs, it is much more convenient to use an org name that contains an internal billing code than a customer's formal name or friendly name. When this name is used on the client facing reports, it doesn't look great. An additiona...
Guest 9 months ago in  0 Planned