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PINNED AWS Connector
Hello, we have a customer that is utilizing resources in AWS. Would it be possible to create a cloud connector for AWS resources so we can scan for data in S3 buckets and see access permissions assigned by their IAM tool.
PINNED Scheduled scan progress indicator
Would it be possible to have a progress bar or a file counter to show the progress of the scan?

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Documentation Repository / Wiki / FAQ

Having a formal documentation repository for functionality within the system would be fantastic. Being able to have staff and customers self train/learn/lookup FAQ's in the system saves time for us as an MSP to perform formal trainings on every on...
Rick Mutzel 12 months ago in  3

Filters for agent type

Add filter options for scan jobs based on agent type (server, desktop, laptop, etc). This would give the ability to auto set scan jobs based on agent types and automate the deployments.
Guest over 1 year ago in  0 Planned

Cavelo Console - Deleted Assets

Hello, In the console for Cavelo, it would be great if an asset was auto removed once the agent has been uninstalled from the asset or if the asset in the Cavelo Console does not have a heartbeat after 1/mth to auto move that asset to a deleted fo...
Guest about 3 years ago in  0

Add FileID as Visible Attribute

File ID's of the files to make them quickly searchable in our workspace. Many files have similar names so having the unique ID would go a long way for tackling items more quickly. We have thousands to run through and would love to know how larger ...
Guest 7 months ago in  1

User group auditing

Ability to capture and report on AD user security group / OU memberships
Rick Mutzel about 1 year ago in  0 Planned

Support for Windows 7 (32 & 64 BIT)

Hello, I am running Cavelo on two clients that have Windows 7 desktops and VM and currently the Cavelo agent does not run on this OS. Can this be added?
Guest about 3 years ago in  1 Will not implement

Vulnerability Dashboard

General feedback from customers is that it has been difficult working with the vulnerability data. Every customer has requested a dashboard to help manage the vulnerability data in the console.
Rick Mutzel 4 months ago in  0

Internal Vulnerability Scanner Hypervisor Template

Create a template for deploying the Cavelo internal vulnerability scanner. Template should be for common hypervisors - VMWare, HyperV, and if possible something like virtualbox.
Rick Mutzel 4 months ago in  0

Endpoint Retire / Decommission Status

Add functionally to retire asset or decommission Create tenant value for retire asset after offline for XX days Create retire status workflow for removing agent data from reporting and scheduled jobs when endpoint hits threshold above. Data will b...
Rick Mutzel 4 months ago in  0

Expand Benchmark functionality to include remediation

All for direct remediation of benchmark controls to endpoints. Currently pass/fail is a great tool to audit but it is very time consuming to remediate manually. Adding functionality to choose auto remediation of detections that fail for items spec...
Rick Mutzel 4 months ago in  0