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PINNED AWS Connector
Hello, we have a customer that is utilizing resources in AWS. Would it be possible to create a cloud connector for AWS resources so we can scan for data in S3 buckets and see access permissions assigned by their IAM tool.
PINNED Scheduled scan progress indicator
Would it be possible to have a progress bar or a file counter to show the progress of the scan?

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Ability to decommission / Remove Organization

Add ability to remove organization after offboarding. Would be great if the agents could uninstall if the organization was removed
Rick Mutzel 11 months ago in  0 Planned

User group auditing

Ability to capture and report on AD user security group / OU memberships
Rick Mutzel 11 months ago in  0 Planned

Report from address/name configurable

All reports are delivered from Cavelo Support <>. Having an option to define these would be helpful.
Rick Mutzel 11 months ago in  0

Organization Display Name Field

As an MSP with 200+ orgs, it is much more convenient to use an org name that contains an internal billing code than a customer's formal name or friendly name. When this name is used on the client facing reports, it doesn't look great. An additiona...
Guest about 1 year ago in  0 Planned

Filters for agent type

Add filter options for scan jobs based on agent type (server, desktop, laptop, etc). This would give the ability to auto set scan jobs based on agent types and automate the deployments.
Guest over 1 year ago in  0 Planned

Adding Computer Description field

We put the users Full Name in this field, so we can identify who the pc belongs too. This would also eliminate the need to refer to an UEM to find this information, streamlining the process.
Guest about 2 years ago in  1 Planned

Found Data with External Search

Would it be possible to use a non identifying version of the meta data to search the public internet to determine of that same data being exposed?
David Van Remortel over 2 years ago in  1

Mapped (non-server) drives

Currently at our home office, we have 2 qnaps and they run the qnap OS software for our file services (samba based). Additionally we will be changing those for a linux based one shortly. Unless I'm missing something, scanning all mapped drives con...
David Van Remortel over 2 years ago in  0

Use policy engine for workflow activities

It would be nice if we could use the policy engine to do things like: 1. exclude files from scans based on things like file name, file path, file size, etc2. tag files and directories based on file name, file path, discovered classifiers, etc
Guest over 2 years ago in  0 Planned

Cavelo Console - Deleted Assets

Hello, In the console for Cavelo, it would be great if an asset was auto removed once the agent has been uninstalled from the asset or if the asset in the Cavelo Console does not have a heartbeat after 1/mth to auto move that asset to a deleted fo...
Guest almost 3 years ago in  0