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Created on May 16, 2023

Adding a dashboard to the agent tab with metrics and posture of the asset in the environment.

Adding in some dashboards and some additional metrics around the assets in each of the tenants will provide a quick understanding of the current customers asset management from a health perspective. ​

  • End of Life and End of service software detected on the assets can help identify and drive conversation to remove and upgrade out of date software. ​

  • Adding into the dashboard, maybe a pie chart, could add some insight to how many devices are running approved, unapproved, or the remaining devices with software that still needs to be reviewed.​

  • Also having a number of stale assets in the tenant would be helpful. This could be helpful when talking with customers to have them provide an update on why the Cavelo agent is not talking back to the console. ​

Underneath these graphed items, we could then open into the individual assets, columns should include the following;​

  • Device name​

  • IP Address​

  • OS​

  • Unauthorized software (Numerical Value)​

  • EOL Software (Numerical Value)​

  • Vulnerabilities (Numerical Value)​

Internet facing (Yes/No)​acing (Yes/No)​

  • Attach files